Team Information

Steve Sheldon,, Principal Proposal Analyst
Joan Eaton,, Assistant Director for Proposal Development


Kristi Winseck, Proposal Analyst
Amy Hoak, Proposal Analyst
Melissa Dunivant, Proposal Analyst
Maggie Ramseur, Proposal Analyst
Travis Klempan, Proposal Analyst


The Proposal Development Quality Assurance Committee was formed to provide a structured way for proposal analysts to collaborate in order to improve the overall quality of proposal development at CU Boulder. The QA process was updated in support of OCG Strategic Priority “Process Innovation”. The process is intended to improve Proposal Team consistency in budgeting and interpretation of policies (CU policy, sponsor guidelines, UG, etc.), provide a platform for analysts to work together to provide mutual, constructive feedback to help improve future work, gather data about Proposal Team “problem areas” in proposal development, recordkeeping and document storage with the goal of bringing awareness to the issues and crafting solutions. The committee is also providing "Deep Dives" to the entire proposal team on complex sponsor requirements that are encountered every year.


The previous Quality Assurance process was outdated. The proposals that were being reviewed were not adequately complex. The information that was being generated was not being shared with the proposal team in a manner that added significant value.


The process was first implemented in April of 2020.