Executive Director Jim Spice, Parking Manager Matthew Broderick and Asst. Parking Manager Renee Cinkosky all played an intricate role with doing a massive overhaul of the parking services management systems. This new software is known as T2. T2 services offers advanced technology such as License Plate Reader (LPR). Other technological advancements have also been executed such as Park Mobile. All three individuals have shown deep commitment to the success of these new programs.


The implementation of T2 allowed Parking Services to utilize many updated services such as License Plate Readers (LPR). With these new technologies, Parking Services no longer require physical parking permits, therefore no cost to print and mail physical permits to customers. Purchasing of a parking permit can be done virtually online. If a campus patron receives a citation, an email can be sent which allows opportunity for customers to either pay a citation quickly or address any areas of concern. Also, all parking meters now accept credit cards which offers convenience. The implementation of Park Mobile now allows customers to pay for hourly parking from the ease of their cell phone. T2 software gave students the option to pay for their parking permit via their student accounts. This provides more payment options to the student community. Parking Services also works closely with Sustainability to promote alternative modes of transportation.


As the campus community grew, better and more efficient ways were sought out to address parking needs. Parking is scarce on the UCCS campus therefore Parking Services explored new ways to handle Parking concerns. The implementation of advanced technology assisted Parking Services to utilize parking spaces appropriately.


T2, Park Mobile and updating meters have been fully implemented in Parking Services. Since these types of programs are parking specific, the vision of this implementation is to provide the best customer service possible plus deal with real time transactions.


The beginning of the complete overhaul of the Parking Management services began March 2017. In Fall of 2017 the T2 software with LPR software was fully implemented.

Submitter's Information

Submitter's Name: Natalie Skaggs
Submitter's Email: nskaggs@uccs.edu