Team Information

TK Keith,
Amy Gannon,


Ginger Acierno, Director - Post Award Sponsored Projects Financial Services
Ryan Holland, Director - PreAward and Contracting Services
Grant Garceau, Business Analyst
and many other partners within OGC and the departments.


Starting July 1st, 2020, Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) eliminated the requirement of Infoed proposal routings for subsequent years of sponsored project grant and contracts. We anticipate this will eliminate over 1200 required routings per year, saving time for both OGC staff and department administrators that submit the routings. It also means each project will have one routing number, as opposed to potentially several routing numbers associated to the same project, which will help with confused caused by multiple routings. Based on the estimated number of 1200 routings we estimate a cost savings of roughly $75,000 due to saved time for the routing on the department side and review on the OGC side.


The previous routing process required submission of duplicate information that was not able to be automated, which caused frustration for department administrators who had to do those submissions. It also created confusion due to the multiple proposal routings associated with a single project on the post-award side.


This was implemented July 1st, 2020.