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Facilities Management has implemented a new mobile device management model to deploy and manage the department’s 320 smart phones and 130 iPads. The model utilizes IBM’s MDM solution, MaaS360, the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and the Apple Volume Purchase Program in conjunction with Sprint’s new Mobility as a Service program to deliver an efficient and cost-effective program to the department. This model provides increased security, functionality and manageability of devices while greatly reducing the amount of staff time required to configure, deploy and administer the devices. Software installs and updates can be made readily available and be pushed out to devices and productivity apps, such as DocuSign, MS Office, Google Maps, etc.

The solution utilizes a university registered ID in lieu of individual Apple IDs to enable the centralized management of the devices and apps similar to how desktops and laptops are managed in an institutional or corporate environment. Smartphones are leased from Sprint, providing a scalable service; delivered preconfigured to the department’s specifications; and replaced each year, ensuring current, well-functioning devices.


Configuring and deploying new smartphones in compliance with the department’s security requirements was taking 30-40 minutes per device and the methods used to meet those requirements were limiting functionality. With 300+ smartphones deployed and the need to replace them every 1-2 years, deploying phones represented a significant investment in labor. This model has allowed the department to decrease labor costs while increasing functionality, security and user satisfaction.


The mobile device management model has been implemented in Facilities Management on the Boulder campus. Two users from SEEC operations are using our service, and discussions are underway with CUPD to bring them on board as well.


Full implementation occurred in November 2016.

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Ron Ried, Director, Business Services, Facility Management