Team Information

Sommer Browning,, Associate Director, Library
Cinthya Ippoliti,, University Librarian and Director


Alex Freedman, Communication Professional


In under a year Alex has overhauled the library’s internal communications. Through his creativity and innovations, he has improved the timeliness of information staff need to know, reduced the overall number of emails coming from library administration, streamlined and organized library-wide meetings, and created an internal marketing and communications committee that centralizes marketing needs from across the library units. Within months of being hired, he administered a comprehensive library-wide survey that revealed problems with current methods of communication and opportunities for improvement. He presented the findings to library administration along with a communication improvement strategy that included solutions that directly addressed the feedback he received from staff. Highlights of his strategy include reimagining the library’s monthly “Open Forum” all staff meeting, defining current methods of communication, and creating an internal newsletter.


The library is a complex organization and communication is a critical element that enhances our ability to do our work effectively. Although we had several communication processes in place, they were not working cohesively to ensure that library employees had a consistent and unified communication experience. Alex has proven to be instrumental in helping library administration determine their communication goals and balance employee requests for transparency and clarity in communication with the various modes that are described above.


Alex has been working on this new internal communication strategy since he arrived at the library in February 2020. Pieces of the plan have been implemented in phases since then. Since January 2021, we have been seeing more participation and engagement at library-wide meetings, fewer overall emails from library administration, and he has received numerous comments from staff appreciating the new newsletter format.