Submission Highlights

Team Information

Derek Fong,, Research Services Associate Director
Holly Goold, CVT, rLATG, AS, Veterinary Technician Manager
Laura Richardson, CPIA, Administrator
Daniel Munoz, BS, IT Specialist
Carolyn Russell, MBA, Associate Director of Finance and Administration


We transitioned from paper veterinary medical records to an electronic system, which averages over 650 cases monthly. This system has generated significant time savings for several teams, and improved oversight and care of research animals. Accounting for the annual contract, we estimate savings of greater than $11,000 per year. Previously records were not easily accessible, and now can be remotely accessed from computers or tablets. This has improved animal care as it allows for more timely notification of animal health concerns and better oversight of medical treatments and case management. Billing for treatments and archiving of medical records were manually performed, which was inefficient for veterinary and administrative staff. Now billing occurs in real time electronically, and costs are recaptured with more accuracy. Customer service has improved as researchers receive a single invoice with increased clarity. Our electronic system now also allows us to easily generate reports and data mine historical cases to improve animal care. Lastly, we have reduced the use of paper in accordance with sustainability efforts.


While our prior system was sufficient, the efficiencies and improvements noted above merited the change to an electronic system. We were one of the first users to implement this veterinary medical record system in the country, and have been a resource to other institutions who have been looking for efficiencies and improvements as well.


The electronic veterinary medical records were implemented in September of 2019. We are continuing to work with the system to find more efficiencies as well.