Team Information

Shelly Raney, Senior HR & Payroll Professional
Susan Watson, HR Associate Director
Rebecca Stephens , HR Business Analyst
University of Colorado Colorado Springs.


To make HR run more efficiently we have launched a transaction service team of 5 students to execute inner office transactions. Our team traveled to CU Boulder and were provided a tour by members of their service center to observe their 'well-oiled machine'. Their center serves their entire campus with HR data entry ensuring information added to the HCM system is accurate. We would love to get there one day but for now our center is scaled down to cover our office.

How does this benefit the University?

By hiring students we are providing them with an array of professional HR knowledge and skills they can carry forward; even after graduation. Initially being part of this pilot program our current students are learning the flexibility of creating and sharpening a process.

Because of the instability of HCM, beginning 2015 data clean-up is imperative. This team will assist with the clean-up, as well as ensuring accuracy moving forward.

Implementation/Future Plans

The HRSC launched December 2018. We would like to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of this team and eventually be able to reach out and offer our services to the campus.