When HR took over entering and submitting the background checks to HireRight, Anja and I implemented sending the HireRight link directly to the candidate so they could enter their personal information themselves.
Doing background checks this way has saved time and money.
1) the Personal History Questionnaire was lengthy and took me several minutes to enter each one.
2) I had to try to decipher a candidates handwriting which wasn't always easy and took additional time.
3) The Persona History Questionnaire was lengthy. The candidate would have to complete an 8 pages form that I would then print out. The new form that Anja and I signed is 1 page.

How does this impact the University?

Saves money in printing costs. I have more time to direct my energy's elsewhere. Being more productive saves the university money.

Implementation Status

Saves the University money in printing cost and productive. The candidates seem to respond to HireRight soon enabling me to get the results returned to the Hiring Authority quicker.

Submitter's Information

Submitter's Name: Cynthia M. Rhoads
Submitter's Email:
Additional Team Members: Anja Wynne