Team Information

Angelo D’Alessandro,, Assistant Professor, Biochem and Molecular Genetics
Travis Nemkov, Postdoc
Kirk C Hansen, Associate Professor


We implemented a novel analytical technology for the analysis of small molecules that serviced over 350 investigators in the last three years, allowed us to process over 250,000 samples, publish over 200 papers in the last 5 years, secure over 27 million dollars of funding (directs+indirects), publish a thematic book on the topic 
( and start three companies with successful SBIR funding.


Prior to this technology, only <1,000 samples per year could be processed with twice as many instruments (600k$ each), for a cost per sample of 1500$. Now we can process over 100,000 samples per year, be profitable as a core facility (cost neutral for the campus) at a cost of 30$/sample per polarity. As a result, we receive samples from all over the world, putting CU Anschutz on the world map of excellence in research.


From 2015-2020.