Description:   When a personal expense is charged on a Procurement/Travel card, the charge should be allocated to account 013109, and the reimbursement should be deposited to the same ST and same account 013109, so the charge and deposit could offset to zero. However, in the real world, these are frequently not processed to the same ST/acct. As a result, many balances are sitting in account 013109 that need to be cleared. Many people are not aware of these, or don’t have the knowledge about how to clear them, so we made instructional videos to guide people in the departments through the process of clearing the personal charges sitting in account 013109.
Other members involved in making the videos were Rebekah Martino, and Chris Zetterholm.

How does this impact the University?  Since the entire university uses Concur to process Pcard/Tcard charges, and this personal-charge issue is university-wide, we believe our videos will benefit all campuses.  Since it’s time consuming for us to clear these balances for departments, we have provided guidance for the departments to do this themselves. The videos were based on real transactions (three different scenarios) that I had fixed. These videos should clearly guide people through the process of clearing their balances. 

Implementation status:  I’ve had the idea to make the videos since last year, but just recently followed through.  I asked my co-workers to team up with me as the “actors.” We’ve played the videos in our training classes, and received very good feedback. 

Submitted by Jenny Shao, Area Accountant, Accounting & Business Support, University of Colorado Boulder