I applied lighting design used in staging events at Macky Auditorium to two other events, one at the Law School called New Venture Challenge Finals, and another called TEDxCU, held at the Folsom Field Stadium Club. TEDxCU is a student-run event. Previously, both events had relied upon existing ceiling lighting which created a flat and unhospitable look for the speakers. I introduced spotlights, with all of the nuances created by filters, color gels, dimmers, and changing the position of the spot. The organizers of both events were extremely pleased with this low-cost innovation.

Another development that emerged from this cooperation is that CU Schools and Departments are now aware that they may rent equipment from Macky Auditorium. Previously, only the School of Music and the Theater and Dance departments used Macky's equipment for some of their events.

Below are two links to the setup of the lighting design of TEDxCU and the New Venture Challenge Finals.
On the first link use the arrow or the space bar to move through the slide show. The TEDxCU link shows
the final presentation.

How does this impact the University?

The new lighting design greatly enhanced the audience experience as well as improved the quality of the video recording and the live online streaming of the events at both the New Venture Challenge Finals and TEDxCU. I believe the lighting design I introduced made these two CU events appear more professional, created a better environment for learning and listening, and at a minimal cost to the event organizers.

Implementation Status

I was responsible for implementation of the new lighting design at both events. In the future, other people will be able to duplicate the lighting design because I have thoroughly documented it with photos, and am available to consult with others who may wish to make similar innovations in their staged events.

Submitter's Information

Submitter's Name: Sergio Laureano Rivera
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