Team Information

Sarah Mensch,, Unified Communications Manager
Greg Williams, Director of Operations
Theresa Josephine, Unified Communications Student Lead


Over the last twenty-four months, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) has been able to provide over $124,113 in equipment costs, and over $182,902 in monthly data plan costs to 12 unique departments, including OIT, free of monetary cost to the departments. This has all been possible through the Educational Broadband Spectrum (EBS) contract. Through this contract, departments were identified in which demonstrated a need of the devices and have a direct impact to students. For example, in collaboration with the Kraemer Family Library, students are provided the ability to check out hotspots, which runs on 4G and LTE Sprint networks. The goal of Clyde’s HotSpots is to provide internet access to students on the go and to students who may not have the internet at their residence. 
Under previous leadership, this contract and benefits were ignored; once it was handed over and reviewed by the new team, it was noticed that this was a “use it or lose it” contract that has the potential for a dramatic financial and mobile impact on campus.


It’s not uncommon for department funds to be used for every-day operations; this was an opportunity to bring much needed (mobile) technology to our campus. Example: Orientation who formerly used paper and binders to store and disseminate campus/event information to their team. Using iPads, they removed paper from their team, allowing them to be mobile and have up-to-date information for prospective families/students. There are many students who do not have internet access at their residence. Students may now check out Clyde’s Hotspots - giving them access to LTE/4G network, wherever there is Sprint service.


The first devices were purchased in 2016 for internal testing purposes. In 2018, Clyde’s HotSpots was launched and the first departments were brought into the program.