• Jeremy Click, Visual and Performing Arts Program Assistant 


The Department of Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Admin Office has successfully converted to an all-digital work environment. By doing this, all documentation and forms are generated, approved, processed, and stored/archived without printing any physical documents. To acquire approving signatures for the documents, Adobe Sign has been implemented which allows for a quicker turn-around for approvals, trace ability resulting in zero misplaced or lost documents, and a final document that is compatible with HCM without additional scanning required. Archives and digital records are housed on the VAPA Office computer with backups of these records on a secured, password protected external hard drive and UCCS network server. This conversion has resulted in a reduction of labor hours used to complete, approve, and process documents and forms, a reduction in the use of paper, paper products, printer ink, and mailing costs, as well as a drastic increase in efficiency. 


VAPA hires approximately thirty Lecturers (temporary staff) per semester and hosts over seventy guests per year. Prior to the conversion, Lecturer’s contracts were printed, stuffed in an envelope, mailed back and forth, and finally scanned to be uploaded for processing. If there were changes in the Lecturer’s schedule due to a course being added or dropped due to enrollment, a new contract would have to be created and the process would start over, usually resulting in a delayed submission of documentation. When guests and performers visit UCCS, Scope of Work documents would be signed the day the guest arrives and payment would take another week or two to be processed and delivered. With this large quantity of documents to process in a limited amount of time, the use of digital signatures was a solution that could accomplish the needed actions in a timely manner. 


In July 2016, the VAPA Admin Office began using Adobe Sign with the understanding that HR would accept these digitally signed documents as originals (prior to this agreement, an original document had to be physically signed and handed into HR in order for the action to be approved and processed) and began converting all department files to a digital format. Since then, Jeremy Click has been contacted by four other department administrators and one other college administrator who have also implemented Adobe Sign into their administrative practices. Jeremy Click is currently working with HR in an effort to spread awareness of these new administrative practices to all other applicable departments and administrators on campus. 


Adobe Sign was implemented in July 2016 and as of today, approximately a quarter of all department records have been digitized and archived.

Submitted by

Jeremy Click: jclick@uccs.edu