Team Information

Joshua Schwab,, HR Program Manager
David Vu, IT Manager
Joseph Daniels, Business Services Program Manager
Alexander Stein, Director – Finance Administration


The Department of Neurology developed an online performance evaluation tool that includes an online web form and online workflow. The online tool was designed to support the employee and manager process of articulating goals and competencies through employee/manager feedback with providing ongoing access to an employee's evaluation year-over-year. Process:
1) The manager initiates the performance evaluation,
2) the employee submits a draft using a unique web form link,
3) the manager receives an email indicating an evaluation is ready for review/comments/feedback,
4) the manager submits their comments/feedback,
5) the employee and manager meet to discuss the evaluation which includes the employee and manager comment, 6) a signed copy of the evaluation is uploaded by the manager.


We work in an environment where employees have several competing priorities and can lose track of their goals/objectives set at the beginning of each year. Employees can start their evaluations at the beginning of each year using the online format and have access to past evaluations. The transformation of the process engages employees to thoughtfully consider the past year and gives the manager the opportunity to take on the role of performance development mentor instead of the manager rushing through an evaluation process that doesn't accurately reflect a performance development, management, and learning culture.


The tool was envisioned in 2019 through the vision of the DFA, BSPD's, and HR Manager in collaboration with the IT Manager who developed the tool. Once the tool was drafted, the team started socializing the new performance evaluation tool and process. Once live, the IT and HR Managers were readily available to make sure all employees and manager were able to access the tool without technology issues. Our group had a vision, executed, and used their collaboration to successfully implement the tool. We are already discussing enhancements for version 2.