Normandy Roden and Travis Chillemi


Our new learning resources are now modular, context-rich, and provide one-click access to a variety of formats and related materials. Most of them have a video component at the top of the page, giving users a quick walk-through of the process or task they need to perform. Below the video, we present an HTML version of the procedure, complete with defined terms (their definitions are displayed when learners hover over them with their cursor) and a feedback form (allowing learners an opportunity to engage with us). 
Additional modular content found in the new Context-rich and Engaging Learning Resources includes links to other related videos and procedures, links for contacting our help desk via email or chat session, and links to recent blog posts and Twitter activity related to the specific learning resource. Future iterations of the resources will contain Test your Knowledge components - a quick way for learners to track their skills and knowledge and assess whether or not they understand the topics just covered.


Previously, our learning resources were structured like a giant archive - everything was categorized, but content was often buried. Each topic sat by itself, usually just as a link to a plain text PDF … with very little context or related content. If there were interactive elements or videos -- they were typically sitting on another page, several clicks away. What made matters worse was that many learners never even navigated through our carefully constructed archive - instead they came straight to the learning resources via email links, google searches, and bookmarks.


Context-rich and Engaging Learning Resources are currently in place in a variety of learning resource sections on both the PSC and OUC website. The next batch are under development now as part of the Cognos Reporting System upgrade.


This process was first introduced as part of the learning resources developed for the Elevate project.

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