Team Information

Skyler Rorabaugh, Director, Campus Recreation
David Fehring
Ryan Wong
Krista Herring
Casi Frazier
University of Colorado Colorado Springs.


Our Campus Recreation Department researched and evaluated multiple recreation management software programs in order to find a solution to our facility operations and program needs. Our decision was to onboard InnoSoft Fusion software to provide us with a powerful, adaptable, and secure solution.

Since our operations are managed by our student staff for the majority of hours 7 days a week, this software has provided an avenue to empower our student staff as well as our professional staff by providing robust registration tools, a point of sale system, membership tracking, access control, facility reservations, and equipment rental features. The system requires a variety of hardware components in order to operate that were purchased prior to training on the system.

Our previous system was very simplistic via tracking this information in a variety of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, utilizing our campus One Card system for pass/fail access recognition only, and by paper documentation. Our previous point of sale system was through a cash drawer that wasn't meeting our inventory tracking, receipt, or sales tax needs.

Although the Fusion software system requires fairly significant training in order to be proficient, our staff has found it to be invaluable to our operations.

How does this benefit the University?

Fusion includes a responsive online portal, with built-in tools allowing our tech savvy staffers to channel their creativity. Efficient online registration manages the rush and captures all of the information we need in a way our patrons value.

We can pick and choose which of our memberships are sold online (never had this capability previously) while our legal team is comfortable knowing waivers are electronically captured and that Fusion interfaces with an industry leading secure payment gateway, Freedom Pay.

Mobile features power our instructors to view attendees, manage check-ins, no-shows, walk-ups and more, right from their smartphone.

One of the greatest benefits is the ability to collect a significant amount of data. This data provides our team ever-important information on the impact of our recreation services and programs as it pertains to retention, recruitment, providing inclusive opportunities for our diverse student body, and continued alumni engagement.

Implementation/Future Plans

This software was implemented at the onset of the Fall 2018 semester.

We have plans to expand the features of the software program and already have by the installation of turnstile gates at our front entrance that provide an enhanced layer of safety and security for our facility and patrons as well as the ability for self check-in. We have also onboarded a Fusion IM module that manages our entire competitive sports intramurals program.

Future software features will include an app to provide registration capabilities, communications to members, and program and facility schedules as well as the ability to utilize a handheld electronic device such as a smartphone, to pull up a student ID that can be used to verify access to our facilities.

Self-service sports court bookings will become available as well as a software integration between Fusion software and our campus facility scheduling software program, Kx.