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Team Information

Kelley Hixson,, Occupational Safety Specialist


I developed a safety auditing program for all buildings at UCCS where I utilize a free online tool, iAuditor by Safety Culture, that has a site-specific template to document each audit. I identify issues both related to regulatory standards and applicable best practices. I also note good behaviors in order to provide positive feedback to our stakeholders. The audits help supervisors address routine and critical issues as resources are available. This is a significant advantage over regulatory audits which require immediate interventions. Internal audits also help ensure the campus is properly prepared for unplanned regulatory visits. Recently, the Colorado Springs Fire Department conducted their annual fire and life safety inspection and my efforts resulted in zero violations for twelve assembly and hazmat buildings at UCCS. These audits have helped to develop a more proactive approach and enhanced a safety mindset for many campus departments. This leads to a more safety conscious workforce that will have fewer injuries, lowered Worker’s Compensation costs and an overall improved safety culture on campus.


There are numerous audits performed on campus, however each of these audits are very specific to certain areas, equipment, and departments. My audit template provides one comprehensive method to gather and record data for every physical space on campus. Performing audits for all buildings utilizing a standardized template also allows for my department to observe and track trends across buildings and/or workgroups. As UCCS physical spaces and personnel resources continue to grow and change across campus, my efforts help to review occupancy, storage spaces, and other hazards more frequently to ensure safety and compliance across the university.


The first building audit was performed in December of 2018 and has continued since then. There were 24 audits performed on 42 buildings and workshops in 2019. Audits are continuing and I have developed a detailed plan to capture audits in campus building throughout 2020. An example of an audit is attached.