You can look up the CU Foundation available balance for a linked Fund 34 Gift Speedtype in the Finance System -- or run an m-Fin report in the CU-Data System

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Option 1: Look up the available balance in the FIN system

Log into the Finance System. 

From the Finance Inquiry or Finance & Accounting homepage, click the SpeedType tile.

 You may want to save this as a favorite.

Search for your SpeedType using the prompts. When you find your SpeedType, click on the Gift Attributes tab. The Available Balance will display in the Foundation Gift section.

Option 2: See the available balance on certain m-Fin reports

Log into CU-Data.

Several m-Fin reports display the CU Foundation Available Balance for gift SpeedTypes. Here are some examples:

  • m-Fin Operating Summary
  • m-Fin Revenue and Expenditure Summary
  • m-Fin BAE by Month - Summary
  • m-Fin Actuals by Fiscal Year
  • m-Fin Accounting Summary Fund 34
  • m-Fin Balance Sheet Summary

If you’re using m-FIN Launch, you’ll see CUF next to m-Fin report names if they display a CU Foundation Available Balance.

Note - For Fundraising events, you should verify the detail of your transactions in CU-Data Advancement Intelligence (AI) to ensure revenues are appropriately recorded in your event’s Foundation Fund. To view AI reports, log into CU-Data, use the menu on the left to select the AI Landing Page, then select the CU Foundation menu.

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