If you know a check/warrant number, you can look up information about that check, including whether it has been cashed and where it was sent.

Read the procedures

  1. Log into the Finance System.
  2. From the Finance Inquiry homepage, click on the Payment Inquiry tile. 
  3. On the Payment Inquiry page: Enter the check number in the “From Ref ID” field. 
  4. Click “Search.”
  5. Scroll down the Payment Inquiry Result section. This section shows the amount and reconciliation status.
    • If the check has not been cashed, the Reconciliation Status will show as Unreconciled.
    • If the check has been cashed, the Reconciliation Status will show as Reconciled and include the date it was cashed (Reconciliation Date).
  6. For more details about the check, including the Issue Date (Accounting Date), Invoice #, and Voucher #, click on the Payment Reference ID value.
  7. To see the Supplier ID #, click on the Voucher ID value.

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