Do you want to know the payment status of a Non-Employee Reimbursement that was processed in the Concur Travel & Expense System? If you were not the person who created the Non-Employee Reimbursement or if you want to know details about the payment, look it up in the Finance System following the procedures on this page.
If you processed the Non-Employee Reimbursement and just want to know if it has paid, look it up in Concur.

To lookup the status of a reimbursement processed using the Non-Employee Reimbursement International (NRI) form, look it up in the Finance System following a different set of procedures.

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  1. You’ll need to know the payee’s name, as it was entered on the Non-Employee Reimbursement report header. (This should follow the recommended format of first name space last name, for example: Chris Smith).
  2. Log into the Finance System.
  3. From the Finance Inquiry or Finance & Accounting homepage, click on the Accounts Payable tile.
  4. Use the navigation collection on the left to select Review Vouchers, then click Voucher.
  5. On the Voucher Inquiry page, scroll down to the Voucher Style field and select Single Payment Voucher.
  6. Now, scroll back up to the From Supplier Name 1 field and enter the payee’s name as it was entered in Concur. Select the person from the dropdown list.
  7. Click Search, then scroll down to see the Voucher Inquiry Results.
  8. Click on the Actions dropdown and select Payment Information. You’ll see the check number (Payment Reference ID), Payment Date, and Payment Amount.
  9. Want to know if the check has been cashed? Click the Payment Reference ID number. In the new Payment Inquiry screen, scroll to the bottom and look under Reconciliation Status. A status of Reconciled, with a date, shows you if and when the check was cashed.
  10. Want to know where the check was sent? Select the Supplier Details tab and look at the Address field.

Was the check sent to the wrong address or concerned the check is lost?
First, make sure the check has not been cashed (step 7 of the procedures). Then, complete the Warrant Adjustment form to cancel and reissue the check.

Was the payee name or amount incorrect?
Make sure the check has not been cashed (step 7 of the procedures). Complete the Warrant Adjustment form to cancel the check. In Concur, submit a new non-employee reimbursement report using the correct details and submit for processing.

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