Cash Transfer Journal Entries must comply with the University's Fund Transfer Rules. The Fund Transfer Rules tables show the rules for cash transfers between funds at each campus. Since each campus has its own table, you must check the rules for your campus prior to approving a transfer. 

Here’s how it works:

Cash transfer journals must contain only lines with transfer Accounts (Accounts that begin with 99).

Each transfer involves a pair of lines (two lines). You can have more than one pair (more than one transfer) in a single journal.

Each transfer must have one “out” Account and one “in” Account. The third digit of the Account identifies this:

  • 2 and 7 denote transfer-out Accounts (992xxx, 997xxx)
  • 0 and 5 denote transfer-in Accounts (990xxx, 995xxx)

Furthermore, a 2 Account must transfer to a 0 Account, while a 7 Account must transfer to a 5 Account.

Each transfer must be between voluntary Accounts or between mandatory Accounts. You cannot have a transfer pair that mixes voluntary with mandatory Accounts. The last three digits of the Account identify whether it is voluntary or mandatory. So be sure that the last three digits of the “out” (from) Account match the last three digits of the “in” (to) Account.

The cash transfer journal edit is launched when you run the Edit process – not when you click Save. This lets you begin a journal and finish it later. It also allows for a particular journal to be overridden in cases of exception or transfer error correction.

The cash transfer journal edit applies only to ACTUALS journals.

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