Carrie Howard is the Assistant Dean-Budget & Finance in the College of Music at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Prior to joining the College of Music, she was Director of Finance and Administration for the Boulder Campus Graduate School, Business Director for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival (2011-2015), and an Area Accountant in the Campus Controller’s Office (2008-2011). Carrie has an AOS in dramatic arts, an AAS in accounting, a BS in business management, and an MBA from the Leeds School of Business.

In addition to her background in accounting and public and non-profit management, Carrie has an extensive background in theatre and has drawn on this experience to facilitate a number of workshops for students and faculty. Her workshops utilize improv theatre games to help participants develop skills for communicating their research more vividly and conversationally.

Carrie is a founding member of the Front deRanged Improv Comedy Troupe, which has performed in Boulder County and the surrounding area since 2013. In addition to her formal training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC, Carrie completed a professional theatre-training program under the tutelage of Burt Reynolds, Charles Nelson Reilly, José Quintero, and others.