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Hello, and welcome to our new (and yet unnamed) blog for the Office of Digital Education’s instructional design, training, and program development team! For our first post, I’d like to share a bit about our team, our work, and our vision for this space that we hope will become a frequently visited bookmark for you and your colleagues.

Our team, formerly known as CU Online, was reorganized last year as a part of the new Office of Digital Education; our focus is on partnering with faculty, students, and staff to create incredible courses and programs that empower students to pursue and attain the meaningful changes that higher education can bring. We are one part of a larger organization that includes teams in student services, marketing, innovation, and operations. Our team specifically focuses on a few key areas: instructional design for online programs and courses; program development and management, including project and grant management for new courses and programs; instructional technology implementation and multimedia development; and, finally, training and professional development for faculty and instructional staff for all things online learning.

So! We created this blog as a space to share, explore, and discover new ideas related to digital learning and pedagogy. Our team is full of incredibly talented and passionate people who love learning and are committed to the well-being of our faculty and students. For us, quality education is both our mission and our joy—and we want to share our work, as well as our enthusiasm, with you!

We will be posting weekly, and the blog will focus on a range of things related to our work: sharing innovations, reflecting on changes in our field and professions, highlighting research, recognizing faculty and staff, and a host of other topics. We are looking forward to going on this journey with all of you—more to come!

Dr. Jason Drysdale, Director of Instructional Design and Program Development

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