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Using the CU Denver | Anschutz Online Course Template

Are you new to teaching online? Not sure where to start with setting up your course in Canvas? Consider importing our CU Denver | Anschutz Online Course Template into your course! This online course template is a great starting off point for anyone new to building a course in Canvas. 

The template is equipped with a fill-in-the-blank style homepage, assignment examples, quiz examples, discussion examples, a sample weekly module, and a resources module for students. The template also has a cleaned-up look and feel that makes it easy for both the instructor and the students to navigate through the course. The template is completely customizable. Keep the items you wish to keep or edit and simply delete the items you do not want in your course after you import it.

CU Denver | Anschutz Online Course Template

Who should import the CU Denver | Anschutz Online Course Template?

  • Faculty that might be new to teaching an online/hybrid course
  • Faculty that teach face-to-face, but would like an online course component to share resources
  • Faculty who might be interested in teaching an online course in the future
  • Faculty who want to give their current online course a ‘refresh’ in look and feel

How do you import the CU Denver | Anschutz Online Course Template?

  1. Once logged into Canvas, click on the ‘Commons’ button on the far left Canvas navigation
  2. Once you are in Commons, search for the template by entering "ODE Course Template" into the search bar
  3. You can preview the content of the template by browsing within the Preview tab. When you're ready to import the template to your course (either a Sandbox or existing SIS course), click on the blue Import/Download button on the right-hand side
  4. When you click on Import/Download on the left side, a sidebar with your own courses will appear. This gives you the option to choose which courses you'd like to import this template to. You can also select whether you want the whole template or just certain parts. The template will not override any existing content in the course.
  5. Refresh the course page. It may take a few minutes for the course to finish importing into your course. 

Additionally, this helpful step-by-step video will walk you through exactly how to import the CU Denver | Anshutz Online Course Template into your course: 


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