CU Reporting Cognos 10 decommissioning has been completed.
Dashboards training manual, Cognos 101 training manual, and survey links.
We will be removing Cognos groups and schedules tomorrow for the CU REPORTING Cognos 10. We wanted to let you know we are doing this as folks may open tickets. They should all be moved over to Cognos 11 CU –DATA.
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CU-Data R11 Upgrade
Upgrading CU-Data(Cognos) QA instance from R6 to R10 on Tuesday, 5/14/2018
Professional authors with experience developing reports with IBM Cognos BI v10 in either Report Studio or Cognos Workspace Advanced
CU-Data User Session "How to" Video
IBM Cognos Analytics Videos
Recently we have started migrated ETL from DataStage to ODI and took eRA ETL to Live in November 2017, as the part of the new ETL tool we have updated all the table names. Please find the attached crosswalk file for old and new tables.