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CU-Data C10(CU Reporting) vs C11(CU-Data)

Professional authors with experience developing reports with IBM Cognos BI v10 in either Report Studio or Cognos Workspace Advanced

1.    Cognos Analytics Overview
    a.    Reports, dashboards and data modules
    b.    Gotcha’s – What to look out for before migrating
          i.    Browser, OS, mobile and data source support
          ii.    JavaScript
          iii.    Portal Pages
          iv.    Workspaces
2.    Creating New Reports
       a.    New vs. legacy templates
       b.    Adding report data
             i.    Creating calculations
3.    Navigating the UI
      a.    Data, toolbox, and navigate areas
            i.    Connecting to packages and data modules
            ii.    Exploring report pages, queries and advanced conditions
      b.    Using the properties pane
      c.    On-demand toolbars
      d.    Where did my menus go?
      e.    Navigating around the portal
      f.    Design vs. preview
     g.    Right-click vs. […]
4.    Inserting Objects
     a.    Toolbox grouping
     b.    Pinning tools and reordering
5.    Advanced Layout Features
    a.    Modifying table layouts
    b.    Conditional styles
    c.    Layout component references
    d.    Shared set references
6.    Exploring Dimensional Data
    a.    Drilling-up, drilling-down
    b.    Discovering the explore features
7.    Migrating Content
    a.    Large-scale migration
    b.    Migrating a single report using copy-paste
8.    Report Distributions and Automation
   a.    Navigating the portal
   b.    Using Cognos viewer
   c.    Subscriptions and preferences
9.    Managing the Environment
   a.    Accounts, activities, content, data servers, configuration


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