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CU-Data QA - R10 update

We are upgrading CU-Data(Cognos) QA instance from R6 to R10 on Tuesday, 5/14/2018, please let me know if you have any questions. We will be planning to upgrade WRT and PROD in coming weeks and sure will communicate about our plan.

We have huge advantages in R10 and we have covered alot of stuff in our recent Delta session and Developer session we had month ago.

Reason to Implement on QA:
To make sure all the exciting report we have in PROD (as QA is just as close as PROD) are running without issues.
easy to rollback if we have any critical issues and not to distrub any exisiting on going development you are working on WRT.

Highlights in R10:
- Exporting Tabular data to excel
- Running reports in Background
- Scheduling the reports has been fixed
- Auto group and summarize while on Crosstab
- easy navigation for development toolbox/query and pages tabs
- Many more changes on Admin side.

Please reach to for any questions or concerns.

Appreciate all your support.

Thank you!

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