Faculty consultation work is a desirable and legitimate function, serving to keep faculty abreast of their professions and should be encouraged. Such work must not interfere with the educational processes of the University. (See Regent Policy 3 B and 3 D) With prior written approval by the dean or appropriate campus authority, faculty members shall be permitted to receive additional remuneration from sources outside the university so long as the activities generating the income do not exceed one-sixth of their time and effort. Outside work during leaves of absence shall be of concern only to the individual and the entity by which he/she is employed.

Normally, university facilities shall not be used for faculty members’ outside work. However, faculty members may make contractual arrangements to rent university facilities at fair-market rates using campus-approved procedures. Faculty members shall not use university resources to advertise their availability for private consultation practice.

Separate policies may apply to faculty members in Chancellor-approved practice plans.

One-Sixth Rule activities shall not involve large amounts of consecutive time, but shall be limited to reasonably short periods of consultation.

Last Amended: November 3, 2005


Adopted July 28, 1944,
corrected August 18, 1944, p. 74;
revised December 20, 1947;, p. 423, and
amended August 3, 2000 Pages 11-12, Attachment 2, and Exhibit S; revised November 3, 2005