RESOLVED that we reaffirm the right of the faculty and students at the University of Colorado to explore and examine ideas and opinions, and to that end, to invite guest speakers.

We reaffirm the right of freedom of expression and speech at the University, subject to the common, lawful limitations imposed upon all alike throughout the state respecting libel, slander, sedition and other criminal conduct.

We emphasize again that guest speakers do not represent the official opinion of the University, but we also recognize that occasionally many people assume that they do, and we further recognize that some persons procure invitations to speak at the University convocations with the hope and design that they or the organizations or movements which they represent will be so erroneously identified with the University. We further recognize that many such speeches contribute nothing to learning at the University, and are a waste of time of both faculty and students, although attendance is generally voluntary. We must continue to depend upon the administrative officer and faculty committees to invite speakers who have no such ulterior motives, and whose speeches may be a real contribution to learning at the University, and not a mere waste of the time of faculty and students.

Last Amended: April 21, 1944


Adopted April 21, 1944, p. 40