The CU Faculty Council LGBTQ+ and Ethnic and Minority Affairs committees are sponsoring their 2nd annual symposium to faculty, staff and student to exchange ideas and learn how to utilize theories of intersectionality to forge new coalitions of advocacy throughout CU.

Topics Include

  • Educational and Healthcare Access and Equity
  • Legal Awareness and Legal Issues
  • Mental, Emotional, or Psychological Health
  • Inclusive Pedagogy and Inclusive Workplace

Who Can Attend?

The Symposium is open to all faculty, staff and students.


The 2nd annual LGBTQ+ and EMAC symposium is supported by these sponsors:

  • Office of the President, CU System
  • Office of the Faculty Council, CU System
  • Office of the Senior Vice-Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer, CU Boulder
  • Office of Advancement, CU Boulder
  • Office of the Chancellor, UCCS
  • Office of the Chancellor, CU Denver
  • Office of Advancement, CU Denver

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