CWC Survey at System Administration

About the CWC Survey
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The University of Colorado is committed to creating an inclusive environment where all members of our community feel respected, supported, and valued. The purpose of the Campus and Workplace Culture Survey is to gather information from CU students, staff, and faculty about their academic, workplace, and residential environments. At the system administration, the survey was administered collaboratively by the Offices of DEI and IR in coordination with Employee Services. The survey launched on October 15th and closed on November 12th. We had a strong response rate for the system administration, with 88.7% of employees participating in the survey (502 individuals). Further, every department grouping surpassed a 75% response rate, which is critical to ensure the survey findings are representative of the system office.   

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2021 Survey Results

2023 Follow-up Pulse Survey

System Administration conducted a follow up survey in October and November 2023 to check our progress on achieving the culture goals established as part of the CWC survey. 

System Administration Results

Employee Presentation

System Administration Timeline

  • August – October 2021: Department presentations about the survey 
  • October 15 – November 12: Survey administration window 
  • November 16: Communication to System Administration employees sharing survey response rate of 88.7% for system employees and department competition winners. 
  • November 2021 – January 2022: Data processing, and planning for SRT
  • February 7: System SRT kick-off of weekly meetings 
  • February 10: Presentation on five (5) strategic plan aligned questions at Board of Regents (BOR) meeting 
  • April 7-8: Presentation to Board of Regents on campus and system administration-level results  
  • Mid-April: System Administration recommendations for areas of focus  
  • Late-April: Town hall with system employees on System Administration-level results  
  • May 11: Employee Town Hall (Survey Results)
  • Summer 2022:
    • Meetings with department leaders
    • Meetings with department staff to share department-specific results  
  • September: Debrief meetings with department leaders to share feedback
  • September 29: Employee Town Hall (Action Plan)
  • October- November: Department action planning 
  • 2023 Quarterly Check-Ins: February, May, August
  • Fall 2023: Pulse survey for System employees
    • System and departments performed action plans
    • Created Pulse Survey (Fall 2023)
    • Launched Pulse Survey (Fall 2023)
    • Shared results with leadership (December 2023)
    • Share results with CU System (February 2024)

System Administration Action Plan

Department Action Plans

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