The Office of Policy and Efficiency (OPE) -- with input from policy managers -- develops, oversees and maintains the university’s systemwide policy-making process; facilitates the development, review, approval and maintenance of university-wide policies by partnering with the responsible policy offices to create, revise and distribute the policies; and acts as the official repository and point-of-contact regarding university-wide policies.

OPE also supports efforts and initiatives to increase efficiency and effectiveness at system administration and the university.


  1. Increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Seek policy simplification and streamlining, where feasible and appropriate.
    • Improve communications and enhance system webpage.
    • Maintain current and accurate policy statements.
    • Support efforts to improve efficiency and effectiveness of system administration and the university.
  2. Increase understanding of policies and provide the tools to more easily access policies in order to help increase compliance, lower costs of compliance, and reduce risk.
    • Improve organization of policies.
    • Increase customer service to the University community.
  3. Establish a universitywide policy setting process and clarify the roles and responsibilities of the appropriate entities.
    • Reduce the silos of policy ownership.
    • Get the right people at the table, including representation from the campuses.
    • Increase discussion of policy concepts earlier in the process.
  4. Provide a mechanism for continual monitoring, review and evaluation of all policies.
  5. Ensure timely dissemination of policy statements issued, revised and rescinded.