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Policy 10.A: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At the University of Colorado, our vision is to be a premier, accessible, and transformative public research university that has diverse and inclusive working and learning environments woven into the fabric of our entire organization. Such environments are crucial to promoting academic excellence, most notably outstanding teaching, learning, research, creative work, meaningful community engagement, and culturally responsive health care.

The University of Colorado Board of Regents affirms its absolute commitment to the promotion of diversity in the university community and insists that no individual or group shall be marginalized or systemically excluded.

Diversity refers to the representation of our university community members who hold individual differences such as life experiences, and group/social differences such as race and ethnicity or class, protected identities as recognized in regent law, as well as cultural, political, geographical, religious, or other affiliations
To execute our mission, the university must focus on underrepresented populations and those who have faced barriers to access, inclusion and opportunity, and work diligently to identify and remove those barriers. The university must create a community culture that is accepting, supportive and unbiased, and advances a sense of belonging for all members. We must value and protect robust and respectful debate, champion academic freedom, and treat each other with fairness. The regents also recognize the distinct and primary roles of each campus: the Anschutz Medical Campus, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, in addition to system administration, in advancing these goals.

The regents value faculty, student, and staff diversity to ensure the rich interchange of ideas in the pursuit of truth and learning. A true commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion requires that each regent, member, department, and office of the university community engage in self-examination to identify the policies and practices that perpetuate inequities, and create and commit to action steps that foster a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable community.

The University of Colorado will continually assess its progress on these goals as we maintain our commitment to eradicating inequities. Strategic and budgetary planning must include measurable goals that prioritize the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Progress and assessment will be presented to the regents annually.

Term Definitions

Equity is the creation of opportunities for historically underserved populations to have equal access to and participate in academic and professional experiences that address disparate outcomes and propel communities toward success.

Inclusion means actively embracing diversity in all aspects of academic, social, and professional life. It involves making intentional efforts to engage with people from various backgrounds, learning from their experiences, and developing a deeper understanding of, and empathy towards, how individuals interact within different systems, institutions, and communities.


  • Adopted: September 8, 2023.
  • Revised: N/A.
  • Last Reviewed: September 8, 2023.

Policy 10.M Commitment to Needs of Persons with Disabilities

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the University of Colorado continue to implement programs on each campus that actively engage representatives of the disabled, faculty, students, staff, and administration which address the stereotypes and attitudinal barriers concerning disabilities, and in ADA compliance program planning and implementation processes; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the University continue the timely removal of physical and programmatic barriers through the implementation of its current ADA Transition Plans, consistent with the financial resources allocated for ADA implementation by the State of Colorado, as well as through other programs; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the University of Colorado develop plans for ensuring that the academic needs of the students with disabilities are met, specifically including access to library materials and computer facilities. The goal is to enable students with disabilities to participate fully in the educational experiences available at the University of Colorado while meeting the academic standards maintained by the institution; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT program enhancements resulting from this resolution be implemented immediately, consistent with available resources, and that the President shall provide to the Board of Regents an annual report that includes both a progress review and identification of the next year's objectives.


Last Amended: November 18, 1993


  • Adopted November 18, 1993, p. 59

Other Sections of Policy 10

  • Policy 10.E Policy 10.E: Compensation Principles Moved to the Regent Policy 11.A.1 effective 9/7/2023.
  • Policy 10.N Policy 10.N: Employee Communication with Regents Moved to the Regent Policy 8.A.8 effective 6/18/2020.
  • All other sections of Regent Policy 10 have been rescinded.