1. Officers of the university shall be as described in Regent Laws Article 3.A.1.

2. Officers of the administration as referred to in Regent Laws 3.A.2 shall be those individuals who hold the title or interim/acting title of vice president; chancellor; associate vice president; assistant vice president; vice chancellor; associate vice chancellor; associate university counsel; and deans of the schools, colleges, and libraries.

3. Further, on written request the president may designate other officers of the administration.

4. The designation “officer” shall be included in the letter of offer and the university’s official personnel roster. Consistent with the state law, officers of the university and officers of the administration are exempt from the state personnel system.

Last Amended: June 2, 2004


Amendment adopted and designated 3-J instead of 3-G, Attachment B, September 10, 1998, pp. 47-49, and amended April 22, 1999, p.165 and Exhibit R, revised June 2, 2004