Policy 3B: Conflict of Interest--University Community

With the acceptance of a full-time appointment at the University of Colorado, officers and exempt professionals make a commitment to the university that is understood to be full-time in the most inclusive sense. They shall accord the university their primary professional loyalty, act in the best interest of the university, and arrange outside obligations, financial interests, and activities so as to not compromise the overriding commitment to the university. The university and its community members shall conduct their affairs so that no member shall derive private gain from his or her association with the university except as provided by Regent or university policies.

Officers shall submit an annual written disclosure of outside financial interests and activities and the supervising authorities shall review them for possible conflicts of interest.

Last Amended: June 2, 2004


Adopted April 26, 1974
amended October 15, 1992, p. 83;
Revised June 2, 2004

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