1.  Obligations of University Staff

With the acceptance of a full- or part-time appointment at the University of Colorado, a university staff person agrees to conduct his or her affairs so that he or she shall not derive private gain from his or her association with the university, except as permitted by regent or university policies after appropriate disclosure to an appropriate official. University staff shall act in the best interest of the university, and arrange outside obligations, financial interests, and activities so as to not compromise their overriding commitment to the university. 

2.  Officer Disclosure of Outside Interests

Officers shall submit an annual written disclosure of material outside interests and activities and the supervising authorities shall review such disclosures for possible conflicts of interest. The President of the University of Colorado shall establish a materiality threshold for such disclosures, and shall periodically review that threshold.


Approved April 26, 1974; revised October 15, 1992; June 2, 2004; March 30, 2015; and April 17, 2015

The term “officer and exempt professional” was replaced with the term “university staff” effective April 17, 2015.