Policy 2E: Faculty, Staff, Student and Alumni Advisors to the Board of Regents

The chairs of the Faculty Council, University Staff Council, Intercampus Student Forum and an alumni representative shall be advisors to the Board of Regents, communicating with the system administration and board regarding matters of interest to their respective university-wide constituencies. These advisors shall be provided an opportunity to make reports to the board at each regularly scheduled board business meeting, as provided in the meeting agenda. In the event that an advisor is unable to attend a meeting, the advisor may, with the consent of the board chair, designate another member of the advisor's constituent body to make the report.

This policy [regarding alumni representative] shall expire in April 2015, unless reauthorized by the board before that time.


Approved Student Advisor to the Board of Regents, December 18, 1985.
Revised as Regent Policy 2-E Faculty, Staff, and Student Advisors to the Board of Regents; October 30, 2003; alumni representative added April 7, 2011.