1. Official Seal

  1. The official seal is a device for lending authenticity to documents which emanate from the university, especially in its corporate capacity. This seal is used primarily on diplomas and official transcripts, certificates of completion for foreign students, written agreements and contracts, Regents publications and invitations, honorary degrees and awards, certification of board actions, and other official documents that have been issued on behalf of the university. This seal also appears on the president's chain of office, the university mace, commencement programs, Regents regalia, Regents web site, and standard stationary items for the Regents.
  2. The Secretary of the University and of the Board of Regents is the custodian of the official seal.
  3. The office of admissions and records on each campus is authorized to use an official seal on those documents requiring authentication and containing information drawn from the official records of that office.
  4. Discretion as to the use of the official seal on other documents rests with the Secretary of the University and of the Board of Regents.

2. Commercial Seal

The commercial seal may be reproduced on a variety of commercial applications with the approval of the university director of licensing. The commercial seal may also be used internally, in accordance with the University Graphics Standards Manual, for documents, certificates of appreciation, awards, invitations, other similar uses, and on standard university stationary items. If the reproduction of the commercial seal is less than the size of a quarter and/or the inscription is unreadable, the inscription should not be used. (Samples of the seals are included herewith.)

Official University of Colorado Seal
University of Colorado Commercial Seal

History: Adopted 04/15/49; revised 11/09/00