Recognizing the need for the Board of Regents to provide strong guidance for the university in matters of diversity, the board hereby reaffirms its absolute commitment to the promotion of diversity in the university community. Specifically, the board affirms that a supportive campus environment demands that all participants in the university be treated with absolute respect for their persons and their work. The realization of such a climate of respect must include an openness, on the part of the university, to new definitions of what constitutes valid and valuable research, pedagogy, and service. Additionally, the board recognizes and affirms that a respect for diversity requires a sincere willingness on the part of the institution to allow all its diverse stakeholders to share in the decision making process, and that no individual or group shall be marginalized or systematically excluded. The board endorses the American Council on Education Statement on Academic Rights and Responsibilities of June 23, 2005, and calls for the incorporation of its principles of academic freedom and intellectual pluralism into this policy on nondiscrimination.

Adopted April 20, 1995; reaffirmed May 13, 1999; revised August 21, 2008.


"The University of Colorado is committed to building a community of students, faculty, and staff in which diversity is a fundamental value. People are different, and the differences among them are what we call diversity -- a natural and enriching hallmark of life. A climate of healthy diversity is one in which people value a rich panoply of diverse ideas, perspectives and backgrounds, individual and group differences, and communicate openly."

Adopted May 13, 1999.


  1. Campus plans will be consistent with the University of Colorado's aspiration to be a place where the quality of education is enhanced and enriched by a diverse campus community and from which all students benefit.
  2. Campus plans must adhere to state and federal law and the Laws of the Regents.
  3. Quotas, "set asides" and/or discriminatory practices must not be included in or inferred from campus diversity plans.
  4. Campus plans shall establish aspirations that are ambitious, provided they are realistic and attainable -- challenging CU to stretch its creativity and resources in achieving success.
  5. Campus plans shall consider extensive input from the campus community, and require approval by the Board of Regents.
  6. Campus plans should consider the availability of existing and reallocated resources to achieve objectives consistent with the Integrated Resources Management Strategy (IRMS) process.
  7. Campus plans should build on successful programs existing on our campuses, as well as seek innovative new approaches.
  8. Campus plans shall institute internal evaluations of success in meeting aspirations, utilizing appropriate monitoring systems.
  9. Accountability rests at all levels of the university, including administrative units and academic departments, as well as individual faculty, staff, and students.
  10. Campus plans shall be subject to periodic review and updates when the needs of the university so require.
  11. In the design of campus diversity plans, race- and ethnicity-neutral approaches shall, where promising, be considered among other strategies.

Last Amended: August 21, 2008


adopted May 13, 1999;
revised August 21, 2008