WHEREAS in accordance with Article 2 of the Laws of the Regents, it is the responsibility of the Board of Regents to make or approve all appointments subject to the constitution and applicable statutes of the State of Colorado and in accordance with the rules, policies, and procedures of the University;

WHEREAS in accordance with Article 10, the University of Colorado shall employ persons solely on the basis of merit and fitness; and

WHEREAS the University recognizes that, in order to be competitive in the higher education job market, it cannot ignore the reality of "dual career couples";

BE IT RESOLVED that the University may attempt to accommodate the employment needs of dual career couples when such accommodation may benefit the University. As such, the president shall develop programs and practices designed to provide employment assistance to the spouses of newly recruited and existing university hires.

If the employment assistance results in an offer of employment at the University, and the President concurs that appropriate procedures were followed and that the proposed offers of employment would satisfy the criteria of merit and fitness and correspond with demonstrated institutional needs, the offer of employment shall be prepared in accordance with established processes.