1. The calendar of the University of Colorado will not be altered to allow free time for participation in political campaigns. In making this judgment, the Regents note as persuasive, though not controlling, the extended discussions on the campus and the results of a poll of faculty and students, a copy of which results shall be enrolled in the minutes of this meeting.

2. Any student who wishes to take time off from classes to work in political campaigns may make individual arrangements with an individual faculty member who may, in his discretion, grant such requests in the event he deems it consistent with the educational objectives of the course and the particular student and provided that satisfactory arrangements are made to make up the lost work.

3. The University looks with favor on political participation by all citizens and accordingly encourages all members of the University community, as citizens, to engage in any and all forms of campaign activity traditional in American election campaigns.

4. The University has consistently upheld the rights of the open forum and accordingly will welcome speakers on campus of all shades and hues of opinion, including advocates of the election of any candidate for public office and of any public policy in issue in public discussion, provided, of course, that the applicable rules and regulations for use of University facilities are respected.

5. The University has encouraged the use of its facilities by such groups as the Young Democrats, Young Republicans, and others and will continue to do so as long as such groups, and others which may be formed, comply fully with the rules and regulations of the University.

6. In encouraging much participation in the political affairs of the state and nation, the University does not take any position, in favor of or in opposition to, any candidate or public position. The University wishes to emphasize this fact and to make it perfectly clear to the citizens of Colorado that the political actions of members of the University community are taken by them individually as citizens and cannot commit the University in whatever they may advocate.

Last Amended: August 15, 1970


Adopted August 15, 1970, pp. 24-26