There shall be no distinction or classification of students at the University of Colorado made on account of race, color, or creed.

After September 1, 1962, the University shall place on probation any fraternity, social organization, or other student group that is compelled by its constitution, rituals, or government to deny membership to any person because of his race, color or religion. After September 1, 1971, the University shall place on probation, any fraternity, social organization or other student group in which a condition of membership is a recommendation by a person not a student at the University, or in which any person not a student at the University may exercise a veto over such membership. During such probation, no rushing, pledging, or initiation of new members shall be permitted.

This resolution shall not apply to a student group organized in good faith for devotional purposes or for the study or propagation of a religious faith.

Last Amended: December 16, 1965


Adopted December 16, 1965, p. 15