Award Recipient at CU-Boulder's Commencement

CU-Boulder Chancellor Phil DiStefano, left, and CU President Bruce Benson, right, confer an honorary degree for Gerald One Feather at the 2013 commencement ceremonies at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado

Regents Awards Committee

The Regents Awards Committee, an ad hoc committee of the Board of Regents, is composed of four regents and four members of the University Faculty Council's Educational Policy and University Standards (EPUS) committee. It meets once a year, normally during the third week of January, to review the nominations for the three categories of Regents awards and makes recommendations to the full Board of Regents to consider at its March meeting.

A call for nominations is sent out by the Secretary of the Board of Regents the previous September outlining the process set forth in Article 9, Part C, Laws of the Regents, and Regent Policy 9-A.

Awards (form for each below)

  • Honorary Degrees
    Honorary Degrees recognize outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: intellectual contributions, university service, philanthropy, and/or public service.
  • Distinguished Service
    Distinguished Service Award is a recognition of achievements and contributions particularly associated with the state and/or nation.
  • University Medals
    The University Medal is recognition of those persons whose achievements and contributions are particularly associated with the university.

All Award Recipients


Nomination forms for Honorary Degree, Distinguished Service Award or University Medal can be obtained by email