All students graduating from high school in 2010 or later and applying to undergraduate programs of the University of Colorado must meet the following universitywide minimum academic preparation standards:

  • 4 years of English (with emphasis on composition);
  • 4 years of mathematics, of which three must be at the college preparatory level, and only one of which may be business or consumer mathematics;
  • 3 years of natural science (including one year of laboratory science);
  • 2 years of social science (including one year of United States or world history); and
  • 2 years of a single foreign language.

Individual schools and colleges may develop and impose admission standards which exceed the above minimum academic preparation standards, and students graduating from high school in 2010 or later who do not meet the full academic preparation standards may be admitted to the University of Colorado under special circumstances, provided that they meet other admission standards (e.g., test scores, rank in high school class, experience) and provided that they make up any deficiencies in the minimum academic preparation standards prior to graduation from the University of Colorado.

The University of Colorado will publicize widely throughout the state of Colorado and in other appropriate geographic locations its minimum academic preparation standards to assure that all prospective students are informed of them.

Last Amended: January 24, 2008


Adopted January 19, 1984, pp. 296-307;
revised January 24, 2008