Em Alves

Safety, security among LGBTQ people

The challenges LGBTQ people face need to be addressed each day of the year, and that’s what Em Alves and their team of Violence Prevention Educators in the Phoenix Center at Auraria (PCA) stand for.

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William Carter

Student of the World: A trip to Africa – and another to Burning Man – changed the course of William Carter’s career

William Carter thought he had it all figured out. Before graduating from Stanford University with a degree in human biology, the Georgia native was on a plane bound for Africa in the summer of 2013 for a 10-week service fellowship in Tanzania and Uganda.

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Dianna Cordero, Every Child Deserves A Black Teacher

Cordero writes for rights: CU Denver veterans specialist stresses need for LGBTQ protections

Author and counselor Dianna Cordero’s primary goal in writing is to operate under the motto of “representation matters.”

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Steven Frost

Dream Weaver: CU Boulder’s Steven Frost incorporates different perspectives, narratives into his art

To call Steven Frost a master weaver may seem like stating the obvious. One need only see his work – including his piece, “The Mile High Pride Flag,” created for Denver’s 2020 Pridefest celebration – to recognize his virtuosic technique with textiles.

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Kat Hazel

Hazel eyes bright future for LGBTQ community

When Kat Hazel stepped into her role as educational trainer and event coordinator at the LGBTQ Resource Center, her enthusiasm, spirit and innovative ideas quickly shone through. In the few months she has been there, she has seen many of them get underway, and the community has been grateful.

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Sally Lowell and Daniel Raedel

Dynamic Duo: Sally Lowell and Daniel Raedel are helping make CU Boulder a national model in gender-affirming health care

Sally Lowell and Daniel Raedel work really well together. They’re part of CU Boulder’s Transgender Care Team, an interdisciplinary group providing health care-related education, training, advocacy and consultation for transgender and gender diverse individuals.

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Aldo Ruiz

Ruiz’s activism shines by design

CU Denver student Aldo Ruiz recognizes and employs the power of design to bring about equity and change. In his professional capacity as graphic designer for the Latinx Student Services in the Center for Identity and Inclusion, Ruiz focuses largely on promoting events and resources beneficial to Latinx students.

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Alice Wagner

Wagner is unstoppable voice for LGBTQ rights

The LGBTQ community at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs will not be silenced; it will not be ignored. The uncompromising and persistent voice of UCCS student Alice Wagner is making sure of it.

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