• Use New Times Roman
  • 10 font for body
  • 12 font bold for Title section.


  • Italized words will be defined in the APS or the APS glossary of terms.


  • Formatting for hyperlinks should be blue and underlined – i.e. Regent Policy 2.K
  • Related policies, procedures, laws, etc. should be specific and linked, if possible.

Outline Formatting

  • Standard outline form should be used, starting with large roman numerals. (I., A., 1, a, i, then bullets, if necessary)
  • The policy template is pre-formatted with this outline format.


  • Underlining and italicizing should not be used for emphasis in the APS. You may bold an item for emphasis if it is needed.

Style and Grammar Guidelines:

  • The Associated Press Stylebook is our official style guide for APSs – with some exceptions – as outlined in the CU Boulder Editorial Style Guide.  Click here for more information.

Examples of common style items include:

  • When to capitalize University – i.e., capitalize if it is referring to the University of Colorado but do not capitalize if it refers to the university without the complete name.
  • When titles should be capitalized – i.e., capitalize titles if it immediately precedes a name (e.g., Chancellor Smith) but do not capitalize title if title stands alone (e.g., the professor in biology).
  • Numbers less than 10 should be spelled out; greater than nine should be numeric.
  • Do not repeat a number in parenthesis (three (3)).
  • Do not begin a sentence with a numeral.
  • Spell out a fraction. However, quantities consisting of both whole numbers and fractions should be expressed as numerals. (two-thirds; 1 2/3)