AwardedProposed ByCampusProject TitleAmount
Fall 2021Marina EcklerUCCSGregg Deal: Solo Exhibition & Related Programs$5,000
Fall 2021Yumi Janairo RothBoulderMatigas na Koboy: A Visual Arts Project and Historical Exhibition about the Filipino Rough Riders of Buffalo Bill's Wild West$5,000
Fall 2021Kevin LandisUCCSKT Nelson Residency$4,000
Fall 2021Christina JenningsBoulderThe Panoramic Flutist$5,000
Fall 2021Kimbra SmithUCCSSupporting Artists and Community Engagement During the Bluest Eye$5,000
Fall 2021Céline DauverdBoulderSymposium on the Pre-Modern Spanish Empire: New Directions$3,600
Spring 2021Boram JeongDenverinVISIBLE | hyperVISIBLE: Art Exhibit, Public Lecture & Workshop on Asia America$5,000
Spring 2021Jane GarrityBoulderHumans in the Age of Automation$5,000
Spring 2021Megan FriedelBoulderLos Seis de Boulder, Race, and Memory Symposium$2,000
Spring 2021Corey DriethUCCSLauren Rosenthal McManus Artist Residency: Mapping Fountain Creek$3,000
Spring 2021David ParadisBoulderReenvisioning the Humanities Through Reacting to the Past$3,720
Fall 2020Max ShulmanColorado SpringsTheatre, Dinner, and Discussion Events for the Colorado Springs military community$5,000
Fall 2020Christine BiermanColorado SpringsThe Black Forest Institute$5,000
Fall 2020Melissa De SantisAnschutz4th Trimester Bodies Project$4,000
Spring 2020James WalshDenverWelcoming the World to Colorado's Irish History$3,000
Spring 2020Jeff LambsonDenverBeyond Clinical Silos: Blending the Art of Oberservation and Listening$4,500
Spring 2020Leslie RapperlieColorado SpringsVisiting Author Series$1,500
Spring 2020Tiara Na'putiBoulderUnderstanding Climate Change and Migration from Indigenous Perspectives$4,418
Fall 2019Matt BartonColorado SpringsEPA Artist-in-Residence, Visiting Artist Collective, Environmental Performance Agency$3,000
Fall 2019Vilja HuldenBoulderA collections as data case study: African American activist literatures$1,554
Fall 2019Jennifer KlingColorado SpringsTheatre, Dinner, and Discussion Events for the Colorado Springs Military Community$3,200
Fall 2019Michael LarkinColorado SpringsThe Windmill Project$5,000
Fall 2019Andres Lema-HincapieDenverDebra A. Castillo, Distinugished Cornell University Professor, Keynote Speaker at the International Queer Biennial: Arts and Academic Conference - June 10-12, 2020$3,000
Fall 2019Colin McAllisterColorado SpringsThrough a Glass Darkly: Sixth Annual UCCS Symposium on Apocalyptica$3,900
Fall 2019Elliot MercerColorado SpringsDohee Lee: Art, Myth, and Ritual in the Korean Diaspora$5,000
Fall 2019Janet MeredithAnschutzPatient Empowerment Video to Reduce Healthcare Discrimination$1,300
Fall 2019Levi ThompsonBoulderArab Culture and Music Residency with Omar Offendum$5,000
Spring 2019Vilja HuldenBoulderDigital Humanities and the Visual World - A One-Day Symposium$2,691
Spring 2019Penelope KelseyBoulderHans Bak CUB-CUD Visiting Lecture and Community Film Screening$2,813
Spring 2019Katherine GuinnessColorado SpringsResidency for Emerging Female Artists$5,000
Spring 2019Rebecca LarocheColorado SpringsCommunity Outreach, Humanities Pedagogy, and the Shakespeare Association of America$4,943
Spring 2019Glen WhiteheadColorado SpringsDr. George Lewis Residency$3,000

Spring 2019

Andrew ScahillDenver4%: The Data Behind Hollywood's Sexism$3,300


Fall 2018 Kristen Carpenter Boulder Engage in the United Nation's Celebration of 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages – Conference Panel$3,000 
Fall 2018 Brian Catlos Boulder Muslims and Islam in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: New Directions $3,000 
Fall 2018 Juan Dabove Boulder Visit of Argentine Writer Mariana Enriquez to CU Boulder$2,631 
Fall 2018 Heather DemarestBoulderIAPT Conference$3,000 
Fall 2018Lori EmersonBoulderWhat is a Feminist Lab?$3,000
Fall 2018 Jen ShannonBoulderThe Future of Southwest Archaeology: Conference & Edited Book$3,000
Fall 2018 Charles BenightColorado SpringsDavid Dorfman Dance$3,000 
Fall 2018 Barbara FryeColorado SpringsSō Percussion: School Outreach and Performance$3,000 
Fall 2018 Katherine GuinnessColorado SpringsFall 2019 / Spring 2020 Cisiting Arists & Critics Series (VACS)$3,000 
Fall 2018 Ben KinsleyColorado SpringsVadis Turner - Visual Art Exhibition, Public Lecture and Catalog Publication$3,000 
Fall 2018 Suzanne MacAulayColorado SpringsTHEATREWORKS' commision and prodecution of Idris Goodwin's new work, American Prom$3,000
Fall 2018 Elliot MercerColorado SpringsYvonne Rainer: Early Dances, 1963-1972$3,000
Fall 2018 Anthony TanColorado Springs

The Bozzini String Quartet Residency: Student Workshops, and Concert

Fall 2018 Andres Lema-HincapieDenver

Debra A. Castillo, Distinguished Cornell University Professor,Keynote Speaker at the International Queer Biennial

Fall 2018 Dane WebsterDenver

Nora Halpern: Distinguished Lecture and Arts Advocacy Workshop

Fall 2018 Therese JonesAnschutzShowing (Work x Faimly) Photography Exhibit$3,000


Fall 2017Sabahat AdilBoulderLexicon as World Literature? The Case of the Arabic Names of the Lion$1,800
Fall 2017Tiffany BeechyBoulderNew Approaches to English Studies: Symposium$3,000
Fall 2017Kathleen BollardDenverEdwin Williamson: Lectures and 'Tertulias'$3,000
Fall 2017Lucy ChesterBoulderThe Psychological Dynamics of War: Triumphs, Setbacks and the Dramatic Conclusion of the Second World War$1,294
Fall 2017Barbara FryeColorado SpringsTHEATREWORKS’ Youth Theatre Educational Collaboration on Oklahoma!$3,000
Fall 2017Robyn GisbertAnschutzThe Experience of Dance in people living with Parkinson's disease$2,845
Fall 2017Stephen HartnettDenverCaptured Words/Free Thoughts$2,000
Fall 2017Abbey HepnerColorado SpringsFloyd D. Tunson: Janus - Visual Art Exhibit, Talks and Catalog Publication$3,000
Fall 2017Benjamin KinsleyColorado Springs2018 Visiting Artist & Critic Series (V.A.C.S.)$3,000
Fall 2017Kevin LandisColorado SpringsManual Cinema$3,000
Fall 2017Bryan LeisterDenverAram Bartholl exhibition$3,000
Fall 2017Teresa MeadowsColorado SpringsUCCS Presents: Artist Series - Sarah Chang$1,000
Fall 2017Phaedra C. PezzulloBoulderEmbodying Justice: 30th Anniversary Public Address Conference$3,000
Fall 2017Brian QuinnBoulderExpressive cultures of the Muridiyya$1,928
Fall 2017Thomas RiisBoulderRecreate Your Roots$3,000
Fall 2017Danielle RoyerAnschutzMapping the Body: Poetry and Anatomical Art - A Collaborative Exhibit at theIntersection of Science and the Humanities$3,000
Fall 2017Daniel SilverBoulderColorado Clarinet Day 2018$3,000
Fall 2017Nicolo SperaBoulderThe CU International Guitar & Early Music Festival$3,000
Fall 2017Glen WhiteheadColorado SpringsWai and EcoSono: an Intercultural Environmental Exchange$3,000
Spring 2017Michela ArdizzoniBoulderMini-Series on Cinema and Politics in the French-speaking world, AY 2017-2018$2,000
Spring 2017Brian CatlosBoulderMysticism and Devotion (Maribel Fierro Visit)$2,000
Spring 2017Annette de StecherBoulderTraditional Knowledge in a Contemporary Context: Confederacy Chief Jamie James, Ritual Custodian$2,000
Spring 2017Kathryn GoldfarbBoulderDr. Jason De León: Keynote Lecture for “Borders” graduate student conference$2,000
Spring 2017Cheryl HigashidaBoulderKilling Gaza: A Film Screening and Discussion$450
Spring 2017Tamara MeneghiniBoulderTestament of Mary - Regional Premiere performance and community conversation$2,000
Spring 2017Kevin RichBoulderShakespeare & Violence Prevention$2,000
Spring 2017Galina SiergiejczykBoulderVoices: Dimensions of Cultural Diversity and Critical Dialogue$900
Spring 2017Jim WalkerBoulderBeyond the Single Story: Building Community through Digital Storytelling$2,000
Spring 2017Terri WilsonBoulderRefusing Public Education? Deliverative Dialogues about "Opting Out" of Assessments in Colorado$1.989
Spring 2017Jane RiglerColorado SpringsTava! A Sonic Listening Walk at Fountain Creek Nature Center$800
Spring 2017Rian KerraneDenverOliver Herring, Lecture and Workshop, Performance Art Week$2,000
Spring 2017Alex ReedAnschutzSpring Lunchtime Classical Music with the Denver School of the Arts Orchestra$1,962
Fall 2016Adam BradleyBoulderDevelopment and Exhibition of Mapping Arts Project – Denver$3,000
Fall 2016Holly GayleyBoulderHimalayan Studies Conference V$2,970
Fall 2016Leigh HolmanBoulderCU NOW 2017$1,500
Fall 2016Veronica HouseBoulderConference on Community Writing: Engaging Networks and Ecologies$3,000
Fall 2016Vilja HuldenBoulderExploring Digital Humanities: A Lecture and Workshop Series on Research and Pedagogy$1,628
Fall 2016

Antje Richter

BoulderGender and Awakening: Sexual Transformation in Mahayana Sutras$700
Fall 2016Elias SacksBoulderAnnual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature – Rocky Mountain-Great Plains Region$1,650
Fall 2016Matthew BartonColorado SpringsThese Things Are Tangible: Claudia Mastrobuono, Jodi Stevens, Sonya Yong James visual art exhibition, including artist residencies, lectures, and related special events$3,000
Fall 2016Paul HarveyColorado SpringsFrontiers of Digital History$3,000
Fall 2016Kevin LandisColorado SpringsThe Cabaret Project$3,000
Fall 2016Suzanne MacAulayColorado SpringsShakespeare in the Schools Educational Outreach Program with Harrison High School and Sierra High School$3,000
Fall 2016Shale WongAnschutzDance for Whole Health$3,000
Fall 2016Matthew WyniaAnschutzHolocaust Genocide and Contemporary Bioethics Program$3,000
Spring 2016Brian CatlosBoulder"Reading Aljamiado" Summer Skills Seminar$1,500
Spring 2016Erin EspelieBoulderKeeping it Contained: The Art & Aesthetics of Trevor Paglen$1,500
Spring 2016Carole McGranahanBoulderDr. Audra Simpson (Columbia University): Keynote Lecture for “The Ethnographic Turn” conference$1,500
Spring 2016James WalshDenverFrom Primary Sources to the Stage: Resurrecting Stories From Colorado Labor and Working Class History$1,500
Fall 2015Matthew BartonColorado SpringsInhabiting: Mary Hood + Marilee Salvator$3,000
Fall 2015Gabriel FinkelsteinDenver“We Come As Friends”: Hubert Sauper’s Documentary of Sudan$3,000
Fall 2015Myron GutmannBoulderExploring Digital Humanities Lecture Series 2016$2,870
Fall 2015Christian HammonsBoulderMimesis: The Journal of Documentary and Ethnographic Media$2,985
Fall 2015Janice HoBoulderSymposium on Sites of Security and Insecurity$3,000
Fall 2015Stewart HooverBoulderSupport for Conference Speaker$2,200
Fall 2015Kevin LandisColorado SpringsLarry Keigwin: Prologue and Workshop$2,500
Fall 2015Suzanne MacAulayColorado SpringsJohn Douglas Thompson - Actor and Educator$3,000
Fall 2015Nicolò SperaBoulderThe Third CU International Guitar Festival$3,000
Fall 2015Glen WhiteheadColorado SpringsTony Malaby and Tamarindo Residency$3,000
Fall 2014Michael AbeytaCU DenverDON QUIXOTE IN THE AMERICAN WEST (1615-2015): Two Keynote Lectures by María Antonia Garcés and Diana de Armas Wilson$3,000
Fall 2014Matthew BartonUCCSSenga Nengudi - Visual Art Exhibit, Performance and Catalog Publication$3,000
Fall 2014John BrettCU DenverCultivating Food Justice: A Community and University Engagement$2,712.50
Fall 2014Janice BrownCU-BoulderTransnationalism and its Discontents: Exploring Critical Approaches to Border-space$3,000
Fall 2014Elizabeth FennCU-BoulderWHEATS Conference$2,000
Fall 2014Valerio FermeCU-BoulderAmerican Association of Italian Studies Conference$2,000
Fall 2014Patrick GreaneyCU-BoulderEngaging Art Criticism: Multicampus Visit of Marcelo Dansey and Guido Ignatti$2,000
Fall 2014Veronica HouseCU-BoulderConference on Community Writing$3,000
Fall 2014Vilja HuldenCU-BoulderExploring Digital Humanities: A Lecture Series on Research and Pedagogy, Spring/Fall 2015$2,940
Fall 2014Therese JonesCU AnschutzHealth Humanities: The Next Decade (Pedagogies, Practices, Politics)$3,000
Fall 2014Rian KerraneCU DenverIron Art Festival V$3,000
Fall 2014Suzanne MacAulayUCCSPrologue: Critics Panel$2,000
Fall 2014Roger L. MartinezUCCSVirtual Plasencia$3,000
Fall 2014Gesel MasonCU-Boulder[UN]W.R.A.P.: No Boundaries$3,000
Fall 2014Kieran MurphyCU-BoulderLecture Series on Caribbean Studies$3,000
Fall 2014Jane RiglerUCCSAir-to-Air: an international electro-acoustic chamber residency$2,000
Fall 2014Sarah TysonCU DenverPoetry, Philosophy, and Feminist Theory$3,000
Fall 2014Tom YehCU-BoulderPublic Tactile Art on Campus: Integrating Art and Engineering to Promote Universal Access$3,000
Fall 2014Sue ZemkaCU-BoulderVisiting Speaker Teju Cole$3,000
Fall 2013Elissa AutherUCCSCuba & Other Considerations$3,000
Fall 2013Lina BahnCU-BoulderOld Masters, New Sounds$3,000
Fall 2013Carlo CaballeroCU-BoulderJeffrey Kallberg, Visiting Scholar$1,678
Fall 2013Michelle CarpenterCU DenverINDEX:  Design to Improve Life$3,000
Fall 2013Eric ChwangCU-BoulderIn the Unjust Meantime: Moral & Political Philosophy after Alison Jaggar$2,000
Fall 2013Judith GlydeCU-BoulderThe Second CU International Guitar Festival$3,000
Fall 2013Patrick GreaneyCU-BoulderDr. Majorie Perloff Visit$1,178
Fall 2013Deborah HollisCU-BoulderBuilding the Stainforth Library of Women Writers$3,000
Fall 2013Stewart HooverCU-BoulderConference on Media & Religion in the Global Context$1,500
Fall 2013Anne LesterCU-BoulderMedieval Materiality: Exploring the Life and Afterlife of “Things”$3,000
Fall 2013Henry PickfordCU-BoulderVisiting Scholar and Artist R. Clifton Spargo$1,823
Fall 2013Jean ScandlynCU DenverSharing War$3,000
Fall 2013Jeffrey ScholesUCCSNonviolence and Well-Being: An Evening with Arun Ghandi$3,000
Fall 2013Lee NewmanCU DenverLudlow: A Centennial Commemoration$2,935.80
Fall 2013Sasha SenderovichCU-BoulderPublic Reading and Workshop by Author Gary Shteyngart$1,500
Fall 2013Daniel SilverCU-BoulderColorado Clarinet Days 2014$3,000
Fall 2013Stephany SpauldingUCCSRap Sessions: Dollars and Sense (Mass Incarceration in a Post-racial Hip-hop Era)$3,000
Fall 2013Mark SerrezeCU-BoulderOn ICE (Inspired Casual Evening) Event$1,366
Fall 2013Alexander WatkinsCU-BoulderMateriality of Transmutation: What Persists and What Projects$2,984
Fall 2013Suzanne MacAulayUCCSTheatre-Making: Guest Lectures and Workshops$3,000
Fall 2013Mary K. LongCU-BoulderSecond International Symposium on Languages for Specific Purposes (LSP)$3,000
Spring 2013Daniel KoettingCU DenverStained Glass at Samhain$1,500
Spring 2013Mark LeidermanCU-BoulderA Concert of Russian Folk Music Ensemble$800
Spring 2013Marjorie Levine-ClarkCU DenverHistory Day in Action$1,500
Spring 2013Tim OakesCU-BoulderEthnic Eroticisms, Drama Tourism, and Japanese Fandom of the Korean Wave$702
Spring 2013Tina PuglieseCU-BoulderItalian Film Festival USA$1,500
Spring 2013Jane RiglerUCCSThe Grid is a Stringed Instrument$1,500
Spring 2013Jen Shannon & Kendall TallmadgeCU-BoulderTo Feel the Earth – Moccasin Exhibit$1,204
Spring 2013Gregory WalkerCU DenverGlobal Glow$1,500
Spring 2013Glen WhiteheadUCCSPeak Frequency – Pioneers of Music: the Instant Composers Pool$1,500
Fall 2012Carol GolemboskiCU DenverVisiting Artist Alec Soth and the CU Denver Month of Photography$3000
Fall 2012Matthew BartonUCCSChitChat – Mashup Talks on Contemporary Culture & DIY$3000
Fall 2012Paul HarveyUCCSThe Color of Christ: Race, Religion and Power in American History$3000
Fall 2012Nancy HightowerCU-BoulderReading Ice and Remixing the Sustainability Issue$3000
Fall 2012Paul W. KrollCU-BoulderNew Perspectives on Medieval Chinese Poetry$3000
Fall 2012Kevin LandisUCCSBloody Bloody Andrew Jackson$3000
Fall 2012Noel Lenski & Catherine CameronCU-BoulderWhat is a Slave Society? An International Conference$3000
Fall 2012Therese Jones & Travis VermilyeCU DenverWhat the Body Told: Exhibit and Presentation Series$3000
Fall 2012Kirsten Bartholomew Ortega & Lesley GinsbergUCCSMichael Heller Poetry Reading$2150
Fall 2012Jeffrey ScholesUCCSReligion and Violence: Terrorism, Provocation and Solutions$3000
Fall 2012David BarnettCU-BoulderRocky Mountain Philosophy Conference$1789
Fall 2012Jeffrey DeShell & Elisabeth SheffieldCU-Boulder&NOW 7: Off the Road – A Festival of New Writing$3000
Fall 2012Robert PasnauCU-Boulder2013 Society of Christian Philosophers Mountain-Pacific Region Conference$1187
Fall 2011Scarlet Bowen & Bud ColemanCU-BoulderTRANSforming Gender Symposium$3000
Fall 2011Julie Carr & John-Michael RiveraCU-BoulderThe Shape of the I: A National Conference$3000
Fall 2011Laura CuetarCU-BoulderVisions of IBSEN$2999.50
Fall 2011Perrin Cunningham, Suzanne MacAulay & Mary Jane SullivanColo SpringsStitching Rites: Colcha and Community in the San Luis Valley$3000
Fall 2011Jennifer DavisCU DenverCreative Writing Program Visiting Writers Series: Dana Spiotta$2775
Fall 2011Jillian Heydt-StevensonCU-BoulderThe British Women Writers Conference: "Landmarks"$3000
Fall 2011Leigh HolmanCU-BoulderCU-Piccolo Festival Collaboration: Rossini One-Acts$3000
Fall 2011Stewart HooverCU-BoulderConference on Digital Religion$3000
Fall 2011Kevin LandisColo SpringsSalome and the Seven Veils$3000
Fall 2011Andres Lema-HincapieCU DenverVentura Pons: The Unconventional Gaze of Catalan Cinema$3000
Fall 2011Suzanne MacAulayColo SpringsPrologue$3000
Fall 2011Tania MartuscelliCU-BoulderBridging the Humanities and the Sciences: A U.S.-Brazil Collaboration$3000
Fall 2011Graham Oddie & Bradley MontonCU-BoulderRocky Mountain Philosophy Conference$2995.15
Fall 2011Kirsten OrtegaColo SpringsGlenn Freeman Poetry Reading & Workshop$1563
Fall 2011Jane RiglerColo SpringsArtist-in-Residence, Composer Pamela Madsen$2930
Fall 2011Jeffrey ScholesColo SpringsReligion and Social Justice: Duet or Duel?$3000
Spring 2011James P. AscherCU-BoulderBook Craft: Deconstructing, Unhinging, Decomposing$1000
Spring 2011John GuntherCU-BoulderAmerican Improvised Music: The Crossroads of Jazz, Country and Folk Music$1000
Spring 2011Leigh HolmanCU-BoulderCU New Opera Works 2011$1000
Spring 2011Mark LeidermanCU-BoulderMemory and Literature after Auschwitz and the Gulag$1000
Spring 2011Jill E. TompkinsCU-BoulderBoarding School Healing Symposium$750
Spring 2011Paul YoungquistCU-BoulderRomantic Futures: Circulations of People, Property, Books, Ideas and Things$1000
Spring 2011Andrea HerreraColo SpringsCuba Transnational$1000
Spring 2011Candice ShelbyCU DenverKeynote Address for the 65th Annual Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference$1000
Fall 2010Henry PickfordCU-BoulderVisiting Scholar Ken Gemes$900
Fall 2010Bruce BergnerCU-BoulderCyrano de Bergerac in the Schools$3000
Fall 2010Philip Joseph & Janet LopezCU DenverGlobal Cities Forum$3000
Fall 2010Maria Luisa Fernandez Martinez & Conxita DomenechCU DenverSemana Cultural Pedro Almodovar (A week of cultural activities)$2900
Fall 2010Chris HeathwoodCU-BoulderRocky Mountain Philosophy Conference$2809
Fall 2010Kevin LandisUCCS"The Inspector General"$3000
Fall 2010Carole Woodall & Amanda BurchUCCS2011 Intersections Film Festival$3000
Fall 2010Jeffrey ScholesUCCSDefining the Sacred in Space & Time: An Interreligious Discussion$3000
Fall 2010Philip Sneed & Bud ColemanCU-BoulderInternational Exchange (A cultural exchange project with Russia)$3000
Fall 2010Roger MartinezUCCSSephardic Memory and Movement$3000
Fall 2010Teri SwitzerUCCSRunning Dry: A Journey from Source to Sea Down the Colorado River$500
Fall 2010Oliver Gerland & Therese JonesCU-BoulderCollaborative and Sustainable programs in disability studies$2800
Fall 2010Glen Whitehead & Perrin CunninghamUCCS"What's That Sound?" Concert Series$3000
Fall 2010Stanley DeetzCU-BoulderGovernance Possibilities When Borders are Porous$1820
Fall 2010Teresa MeadowsUCCSChitChat: Interdisciplinary Lecture Series$3000
Fall 2009Michael ZimmermanCU-Boulder"Migration" Colloquium$3000
Fall 2009Suzanne MacAulayUCCS"Rotozaza" Interdisciplinary Installation and Workshops$3000
Fall 2009Stephen HartnettCU DenverPrison Arts and the Pedagogy of Empowerment$3000
Fall 2009John GuntherCU-BoulderNew Horizons in Music, Art and Technology: Explorations in sound, image, and movement$3000
Fall 2009Paul MillerCU-BoulderStockhausen Music Festival$3000
Fall 2009Stephen LeksonCU-BoulderThe Art and Culture of Navajo Weaving: A Three Part Suite of Programs$3000
Fall 2009Gillian SilvermanCU DenverThe End of Man: Preparations for the Obsolescence of the Y Chromosome$3000
Fall 2009Alejandro CremaschiCU-BoulderKeys to Artistic Performance at the Piano: A workshop and master class by Ingrid Clarfield$1416
Fall 2009Leigh HolmanCU-BoulderCU New Opera Workshop$3000
Fall 2009Stewart HooverCU-BoulderIslam and the Media$3000
Fall 2009Kevin LandisUCCSBacchae/City Dionysia$3000
Fall 2009Kwasi AmpeneCU-BoulderResidency for Asante Chiefs and Guest Performance in the 10th Annual Highlife Concert$3000
Fall 2009Steve VanderheidenCU-BoulderClimate Justice Lecture Series$3000
Fall 2009Bruce BergnerCU-BoulderShakespeare in the Schools$3000
Fall 2009Thea Lindquist & Holley LongCU-Boulder"Over There" and Over Here: Creating an Electronic Resource of WWI Primary Sources for Teaching and Research at CU$3000
Fall 2009Benjamin Hale & Alastair NorcrossCU-BoulderRoME III: The 3rd Annual Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress$3000
Fall 2009Andres Lema-HincapieCU DenverSemana Jorge Luis Borges$3000
Fall 2008William KuskinCU-BoulderGraphia: Humanities and the Graphic Novel (Art Spiegelman)$4900
Fall 2008Kwasi AmpeneCU-Boulder9th Annual Highlife Concert$5000
Fall 2008Michael ZimmermanCU-BoulderApocalypse and Transformation - Colloquium$5000
Fall 2008Lynne Fox & Henry ClamanCU Denver | AnschutzThe Human Touch - Anthology$5000
Fall 2008Ann SchmiesingCU-BoulderConstructing Nation Symposium$4000
Fall 2008Oliver GerlandCU-BoulderCSF Dramaturgy Presentations$3975
Fall 2008George RiveraCU-BoulderCholo in the Sky with Clouds – children's book/cancer$5000
Fall 2008Wesley MorristonCU-BoulderRocky Mountain Philosophy Conference$2120
Fall 2008Jake York & Kristin OrtegaCU Denver & UCCSMark Yakich, Poet$3230
Fall 2008Willem VanVlietCU-BoulderThe Lost Girls of Sudan Find Their Voices$5000
Fall 2008Murray RossUCCSUrinetown$5000
Fall 2008Helene Macfarlane & John CohenCU Denver | AnschutzArt in Science-Science in Art II$5000
Fall 2007Michael ZimmermanCU-BoulderDeliberation and Direct Democracy: A Community Dialogue Project$5000
Fall 2007Stewart HooverCU-BoulderFaith, Reason, Doubt Colloquium$5000
Fall 2007Catherine WileyCU DenverWomen Writing War Symposium$4000
Fall 2007Candice ShelbyCU DenverMind, Brain, Experience: At the Intersections of Philosophy, Science and Medicine$3820
Fall 2007Timothy WestonCU-BoulderAnnual Meeting of the Western Conference for the Association of Asian Studies$3000
Fall 2007John SlaterCU-BoulderSymposium on the History of Spanish Science$3568
Fall 2007Mutsumi MotekiCU-BoulderBlack Pioneers in Music, a performance$3000
Fall 2007Karen RamirezCU-BoulderWestern Literature Association 43rd Annual Conference$3500
Fall 2007Corey DriethUCCSArt Making in Post-Katrina New Orleans$4978
Fall 2007Patty LimerickCU-BoulderLiving with Energy$2500
Fall 2007Benjamin Hale & Alastair NorcrossCU-BoulderROME: The Rocky Mountain Ethics Conference$5000
Fall 2007Allison JaggarCU-BoulderSymposium on the Use of Prisoners and Vulnerable Populations for Medical Research$2250
Fall 2007Jeffrey RobinsonCU-BoulderState of the Profession Colloquia$5000
Fall 2007Julie CarrCU-BoulderSmall Press Conference$4000
Fall 2006Noel LenskiCU-BoulderShifting Frontiers VII: The Power of Religion in Late Antiquity$5000
Fall 2006Thomas RiisCU-BoulderMusic and Health in America$5000
Fall 2006Devin Jenkins and Esther BrownCU Denver | Anschutz CU-BoulderLinguistic Legacies$3394
Fall 2006Laura TesmanUCCSUnmasking Brecht$5000
Fall 2006Glen WhiteheadUCCSThe 6th Room$5000
Fall 2006Philip JosephCU Denver | AnschutzGoing Public in the Humanities$3500
Fall 2006Michael ZimmermanCU-BoulderReaping Profits, Reckoning Loss, a Colloquium$5000
Fall 2006Gregory WalkerCU Denver | AnschutzNightmare in Rio$1241
Fall 2006John GuntherCU-BoulderMusical Entanglement: Jazz, Classical and Native-American Music in Traditional and Non-traditional Contexts$5000
Fall 2006Clark FarmerCU-Boulder3rd Annual Brakhage Symposium$3900
Fall 2006Kwasi AmpeneCU-BoulderWest African Percussion Trio$5000
Fall 2006Steve LeksonCU-BoulderTemple of the Warriors: Rebuilding a Mayan Monument$1482
Fall 2006David BooninCU-BoulderBertram Morris Colloquium: Globalization, Development and Human Rights$1483
Fall 2005Fernando Feliu-MoggiUCCSUrban Latino Art in Colorado$3000
Fall 2005Valerie Brodar & Fernando Feliu-MoggiUCCSGuatemalan Visions$3736
Fall 2005Lesley GinsbergUCCSWriting Harriet Jacobs: A Visit w/Jean Fagan Yellin$2429
Fall 2005Henry Claman & Lorraine AdamsCU Denver | AnschutzVisiting Professor John Stone -Putting the Heart into Medicine$4241
Fall 2005Kathleen Bollard & John SlaterCU Denver | Anschutz & CU-BoulderWord, Image, and Ideology in Hapsburg Europe$3729
Fall 2005Jeffery CoxCU-BoulderPowers of Wonder Colloquium$4000
Fall 2005George RiveraCU-BoulderCrossing Borders 2006: Works from National School of Fine Arts, Mexico$2585
Fall 2005Laura TesmanUCCSViews on Metamorphoses: Visiting Artists and Workshops$5000
Fall 2005Hideko ShimizuCU-BoulderContemporary Japanese Calligraphy Exhibit$1000
Fall 2005Gabriel FinkelsteinCU Denver | AnschutzHeart of Darkness Redux: Hubert Sauper's Darwin's Nightmare$4962
Fall 2005Betsy RisendalCU Denver | AnschutzPainting with Project SOL: Art Workshops for Underserved Cancer Survivors$4300
Fall 2005Alison JaggarCU-Boulder8th Annual Rocky Mountain Philosophy Conference$4343
Fall 2005Carole MacGranahanCU-BoulderTibetan Art: Waves on the Turquoise Lake$5000
Fall 2005Anna SampaioSystemwideEthnic Minority Affairs Committee Recognizing Ethnic Minority Faculty at CU$1675
Fall 2004Paul ErhardCU-BoulderIndian Music w/ Pattannaik & Varadaranjan$4500
Fall 2004John FishellCU DenverDeepak Ram: Classical Indian Music$4000
Fall 2004Hideko ShimizuCU-BoulderJapanese Dance & Music 2005$2000
Fall 2004Adeleke Addeko Mildred MortimerCU-BoulderBeyond the Printed Word: African Lit/African Cultures$5000
Fall 2004Judith Rice-JonesUCCS1905-2005 Health Seekers to Knowledge Seekers$2856
Fall 2004Laura TesmanUCCSBurlesque and Vinegar Tom – visiting artists$5000
Fall 2004Philip JosephCU DenverCulture, Commerce, and Civic Community$2500
Fall 2004Janet KenningUCCSCreative Writer's Series$1575
Fall 2004Mamdouh El-NadyCU-BoulderStories of Arabic Music & Lit. in Western World$4720
Fall 2004Christopher BraiderCU-BoulderEvidence & Its Ghosts$5000
Fall 2004Jeffrey DeShellCU-BoulderCreative Writing/Reading Series – Poetry & Fiction$3396
Fall 2004Diane ConlinCU-BoulderExcavations at Villa of Maxentius, Rome$4118
Fall 2004Elspeth DusineberreCU-BoulderArtifacts, Access, and Actuality: 3-D Images$4118
Fall 2004Francis CharterisCU-Boulder"Dear Ling"$3151
Fall 2003Haiyan LeeCU-Boulder"The Silken Phoenix"$5000
Fall 2003Moyo OkedijiCU Denver"Beautifiers and Healers – Women Muralists"$5000
Fall 2003Thomas L. RiisCU-Boulder"Nadia Boulanger and American Music"$5000
Fall 2003Toby HankinCU-Boulder"Summer Dance Residency: Contemporary Technique and Performance"$1610
Fall 2003Cynthia WongCU Denver"CU Denver Poetry Festival"$3150
Fall 2003Jeffrey CoxCU-Boulder"War: A Colloquium"$5000
Fall 2003Jill Heydt-StevensonCU-Boulder"Romantic Cosmopolitanism: Meeting of the North Amer. Society for Study of Romanticism"$4206 $744
Fall 2003Perrin CunninghamUCCSCommunity Roundtable on Creative Sustainability$4929
Fall 2003John StevensonCU-Boulder"Professor Alberto Rios: Listening as Pedagogy: Faculty and Graduate Student Stories"$5000
Fall 2003Murray RossUCCS"Lighting a Streetcar"$4000
Fall 2003Michael TheodoreCU-Boulder"Monkey Curves"$4865
Fall 2003Jay KeisterCU-Boulder"Biwa Music by Kyoko Suga, Motoshige Kai and Yoko Hiraoka"$900
Fall 2003David CappsCU-BoulderDance Division Hosts the American College Dance Festival$4975
Fall 2003Alexa StillCU-Boulder"Sir James Galway"$1365
Spring 2003Christopher Hill, Paul Harvey, Robert SackettUCCS"Ordinary Men: The Holocaust and History"$2850
Spring 2003Andrea Herrera Gerry RiggsUCCS"Cuban Jews: Getting Closer"$1565
Spring 2003Robert SackettUCCS"Teaching Africa"$3000
Spring 2003Kee Warner Constance StaleyUCCS"It's Like This! How Youth Cultures Represent Our Times"$1700
Spring 2003Linda CordellCU-Boulder"Mimbres: Lives and Landscapes"$1630
Spring 2003George RiveraCU-Boulder"Mexican Art in the Academy: 2003"$3000
Spring 2003Richard DevinCU-Boulder"Living Shakespeare Tour to the Western Slope"$2500
Spring 2003Lesley GinsbergUCCS"Michael Cortez, Native American Flutist"$1150