Accessing and processing CU Data

CU’s data landscape offers numerous software solutions designed to allow users to securely access specific data for their job duties. Below you’ll find a brief curation of platforms directly related to data access and processing, and you can find other enterprise software solutions in the UIS Service Catalog.

Campus Data Hubs (Snowflake)

Campus Data Hubs are UIS-sponsored Snowflake database instances where campus Institutional Research (IR) developers and Data Scientists can combine and compare enterprise data with campus-supplied data in a single Snowflake instance.

Central Information Warehouse (CIW) and Cognos

The Central Information Warehouse (CIW) is CU’s system-wide data repository for information sourced from administrative systems such as Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance and Student Information System (CU-SIS). As a repository for all of CU’s data, users can access this one-stop source for federal and state reporting, even if the data has been deleted from the original admin system.

Data from the CIW can be analyzed and presented through either Tableau or CU-Data.


UIS provides an enterprise server platform to CU customers for direct data sharing use. The CU-Data reporting tool, run through Cognos, is a robust tool offering standardized business intelligence (BI) reports to assist with analysis and presentation of data contained mostly in the Central Information Warehouse (CIW).

Open Data and Information Network (ODIN)

ODIN is a UIS-sponsored GraphQL API with access to near-real-time updates of enterprise data from multiple UIS systems.


OnBase is CU’s application for Enterprise Content Services. This fully integrated content management solution lowers costs, improves access to information and minimizes compliance and eDiscovery risks.


Tableau is a business intelligence tool that helps people see and understand data. With interactive data visualizations that can handle large amounts of data and robust analytics, Tableau helps organizations be more data-driven in their decisions.

Reach out for help

If you have data goverance questions that are not addressed on this website, please contact the Data Governance support email.

Each campus staffs an IT service desk for user questions, troubleshooting, equipment and access requests. Below you’ll find contact information for campus OIT Service Desks and their groups that work closely with data.