Reporting, provisioning and disclosing

CU-SIS: data security levels

Types of Data Elements Level 1 (Public) Level 2 (Confidential) Level 3 (Confidential) Level 4 (Highly Confidential) Level 5 (Highly Confidential)
Directory information X        
All non-directory data not listed and work study information, gender identity, sex, pronouns, birth date, dorm, emergency Info, student ID, UUID, residency   X      
Military status, veteran’s status, GPA, probation, suspension, COF, service indicators, address, phone number     X    
Disability, race, ethnicity, citizenship, legal presence, visas, religion       X  

SSN, NID, financial aid (except work study), loan and bank account numbers, health information, sexual orientation

 Approved by Student Data Management Group (SDMG) on 8/9/2019.