Guidelines and Policies

All communications and marketing materials must direct potential payers to your secure CU Online StoreFront site; make sure your customers know how and where to make a payment.  

In-person, mail-in, and phone payments are not permitted on behalf of a customer by a CU staff member or student.

Registrants must submit payments on their own devices such as a personal laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Credit card information cannot be transmitted on a CU-owned device.

Never save any sensitive card data electronically or write down card numbers on paper.

If an authorized user changes employment or job responsibilities, the CU Office of the Treasurer must be notified at

The CU Online Store cannot be used to:

  • Collect donations
  • Set up Fundraising Event registrations

Gift donations should be directed to the CU Foundation. Please contact the CU System Office of Advancement at 303-541-1290 or email to set-up a donations webpage for your organizational unit.

Fundraising events have extra oversight through the Office of University Controller.  Please contact Karen Ichiba at 303-837-2125, to initiate a fundraising event.   

Before your StoreFront goes live, you must take the PCI Payment Card Security Training in the CU Skillsoft portal and pass the quiz.  Please send a screenshot of your completion of training to Go to CU: Payment Card Security – CU System in the Skillsoft portal under the Employee portal for CU


  • In addition to the StoreFront setup charge, each StoreFront will be charged an annual maintenance fee in June.
  • The card brands (Visa, MC, AMEX, and Discover) charge an interchange fee on every transaction. It averages to approximately 2.5% to 2.75% of the monthly sales but can vary depending on the type of card used for each transaction.  The fees for the month are charged against your ST and account code 552702, for the previous month.
  • An additional .35% fee is charged by Touchnet for processing the transaction and for maintaining compliance with the portal. This amount will be included in the JE charged to the departmental speedtype mid-month.

Sales Tax

Before requesting a StoreFront, you must consider if you will be charging sales tax on an item.  Touchnet Marketplace uses a service to calculate state sales tax, but you must make sure that it is remitted correctly.


All departments with a CU Online Store must follow applicable University of Colorado policies:

Fiscal Roles and Responsibilities;

Payment Card Compliance Program:

IT Security Program: